Rent Spot: The Place to Market Your Sydney Apartments

Rent Spot is coming to Sydney! An online marketing tool for owners and managers of Sydney apartments and other properties, Rent Spot makes renting Sydney apartments easy.

Why choose Rent Spot?

We've put our experience in other Canadian cities to work to create a site that makes renting Sydney apartments fun.

People seeking new homes want the process to be fast. They don't want to go and visit each of the Sydney apartments for rent in the paper, nor do they want to bother landlords unnecessarily.

In order to serve tenants better, Rent Spot provides:

  • Complete descriptions of Sydney apartments for rent
  • Lots of photos of each of the Sydney apartments on the market
  • Locations and amenities
  • Pricing
  • Size

But that's not all seekers of Sydney apartments for rent can look forward to when they visit Rent Spot. We've provided tons of free features, including the ability to search for Sydney apartments according to very specific criteria. Furnished or unfurnished, pets or no pets, we've got Sydney apartments to suit anyone.

Renting Sydney apartments is just as risky as renting in other Canadian cities. Tenant and landlord information is always available at Rent Spot in order to reduce that risk. Plus we've got moving tips and lots of other helpful info you can use long after you've chosen your favourite of all the Sydney apartments for rent.

Thousands of potential tenants

As a property manager or owner in Sydney apartments can present a challenge. High turnover and challenging tenants keep you busy. Rent Spot takes the pressure off you with:

  • A FREE trial period
  • Photo galleries and descriptions that bring only interested tenants to the door of your Sydney apartments
  • A simple registration process
  • The ability to get your Sydney apartments in front of thousands of renters in minutes
  • Control of multiple listings from one account
  • #1 placement for many Google search terms

Looking for Sydney apartments by the harbour?

Or maybe you'd prefer to see only Sydney apartments by Cape Breton University. Whatever your preferred area, you can find all the Sydney apartments for rent in that district at the click of a mouse.

If you have Sydney apartments for rent and want to fill them fast, sign up now to be notified when we open Rent Spot Sydney. You'll get a FREE trial period and be entered into our monthly draw for a FREE iPod Shuffle.

Even better, you'll find out just how easy it is to rent Sydney apartments and Sydney houses with Rent Spot.

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